Application innovation

Flexible and scalable IT-environment

Modernize your applications to serve clients and partners, even better. Maximize the benefits of Cloud Native development to make development teams work (together) faster and more efficiently.

Are your business applications ready for tomorrow?

To be able to offer good service as an organization, you need a flexible and scalable application architecture. Having access to applications and data anywhere, anytime is not enough to work more efficiently, we need to build applications that provide smarter insights from existing data.

Spikes therefore adapts your existing applications (or builds them from scratch) and uses all the advantages of the cloud here. This makes them safer, easier to maintain and integrating new technology a lot easier. Cloud Native is the new standard here.

Because not every application or organization is immediately suitable for such a “brain transplant”, we carry out this process step by step.

  • For the Modern Platform we use the power of modern technology and the cloud to give your existing application architecture a boost and prepare it for flexible and future-oriented application scenarios.
  • Through Cloud Native Development we always use the latest Microsoft and open source technologies to integrate data and enable knowledge workers to collaborate efficiently.

The result? A better service by an agile organization where employees find and process information faster.

Modern Platform

Over the years, many companies have developed a field of tension between IT on the one hand, and the expectations of the users, the customers, regarding the service provision on the other. Where in the twentieth century we managed to make production processes more efficient by a factor of 50, companies are now forced to increase the efficiency of knowledge workers by the same factor in the 21st century.

Spikes takes your current architecture, needs and future vision into account in order to draw up a migration plan for your application architecture, using the Microsoft Azure platform. Based on this application architecture, we create a strong technology base that you can build on (Using Azure Service Bus, API Management, Azure Kubernetes Services, containers, etc…). This allows us to integrate new technology more quickly into applications that really matter.

Not only do we provide that solid foundation, but we also help you to roll out applications faster and easier. Using Azure Devops and Github, we can ensure that you bring applications into production without any worries.

We provide insights at any time so you know what is going on within your applications. Unpleasant surprises are thus a thing of the past thanks to real-time monitoring, anomaly detection, version control, security and compliance.

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Cloud Native Development

In addition to modernizing and cloud-ready application architecture, Spikes also helps develop cloud native applications that can be self-contained or integrated with existing systems. Spikes has extensive experience in development around Teams, SharePoint, M365, and cloud native development in technologies such as .NET, Angular, React and other open-source technologies.

With the Azure platform, Microsoft offers a great comprehensive set of tools to easily and economically build enterprise grade applications using Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Azure SQL, etc. Spikes ensures that we use the right technology for the correct problems and this on an approach based on experience and best practices.

With regard to Teams as a Platform in particular, we help our customers to quickly use Microsoft Teams not only as a collaboration platform, but also to use the entire Teams Platform as a development platform. Whether it concerns integration of existing applications in Teams, or using Teams to optimize processes, or using Teams to provide new, intelligent insights from (un) structured data, for each of these scenarios we offer a new number of best practices and existing scenarios you can work with.

A Digital Transformation without Application Innovation

COVID-19 accelerated the digital transformation. Innovative applications are indispensable for service companies that want to stay ahead of the competition.

Are your business applications ready for tomorrow?

Together with Spikes you build an infrastructure which is ready for the future. This allows your organization to focus on the essentials again: providing better service than the competition.

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