Managed Services

Carefree management of your IT environment

With our Managed Service Models do we guarantee carefree follow-up and management of your IT environment.

Smart collaboration has never been easier

With Spikes Managed Services we guarantee a carefree follow-up and management of your IT environment. This way, your people can rely on being productive on a daily basis without having to worry about the technology that supports them.

Together we select the business-critical scenarios that are guaranteed to continue to work for your organization. These can be found in each of our solutions. We always guarantee the necessary insights and certainties for the customer. With the managed services of Spikes, adjustments can always be made proactively afterwards. There is no additional transitional cost associated with this. Alternatively, this can be provided by the customer, with Spikes providing the necessary training for the IT organization to take over management.

Everything is set from the start in line with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, so no re-work is required.

Do you also want guaranteed productivity and safety of your employees?

With our professional guidance of your employees and teams, you have more time to focus on other aspects of your company. Which is worth a lot!