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New Spikees: Welcome Valerie & Steven

Valerie Jacob and Steven Schoovaerts started last month as new Spikees. We were curious about their first impression and work experience at Spikes.

Hey Valerie & Steven, you have not been working at Spikes for very long, what was it like to start here?

Steven: I felt very welcome from day 1. There was a nice welcome and a great atmosphere. It immediately gave me a good feeling.

Valerie: I share the same experience as Steven. For me as a school leaver, Spikes is my first work experience. I was received very warmly by both my team and the other colleagues. In addition, I get help from all sides to further familiarize myself.

Can you briefly explain what your jobs entail?

Steven: I am a Customer Success Manager. My main task is to build and maintain a customer relationship. It mainly concerns the long-term relationships. Together we look at what needs there are in the IT field and translate the technical information into the human understanding in order to achieve a good match. The goal is to let the customer work (together) successfully and keep them satisfied.

Valerie: I am a Junior support employee. This means that I work at the service desk and offer support to customers who experience IT problems.

Why did you choose Spikes as an employer?

Steven:I was consciously looking for a company that focuses on humanity and cooperation. In addition, I spoke about Spikes with a friend and he said that there are a lot of great “dudes” working at Spikes and that the CEO is also a wonderful chap. Spikes indeed does what it promises and ensures that people work together with enthusiasm.

Valerie:For my first work experience I was looking for a job with a lot of future prospects and opportunities. That is why I chose the IT sector. Because I had no background in this field and still had a lot to learn, the support employee was the perfect opportunity. As I started researching more about Spikes and looked at the website, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, I became more and more enthusiastic. This enthusiasm was only confirmed during the job interviews with Juan, Christophe, Axel… At Spikes it is not only a sales pitch, but the human aspect is effectively reflected in the corporate culture. In short, the sector, opportunities and corporate culture really appealed to me.

How does Spikes stand out for you as an employer?

Steven:At Spikes, “humanity” is in the DNA. The company does not follow a script, but this comes from the people themselves. It effectively ensures that people work together with enthusiasm every day.

Valerie: Spikes tries to take into account what you like to do and where you want to grow.

What are you looking forward to in the future at Spikes?

Steven: Give the Customer Success Management, together with Axel and Alexander, more shape and structure and go “full steam ahead”.

Valerie: I hope to learn a lot more and that I can support my team so that Spikes can grow further.

What do you enjoy in your work life and what do you want to achieve professionally in the future?

Steven: Achieving goals together gives me great satisfaction. In addition, working together with pleasure and making customers happy are also very important.

Valerie:As a team player I also get a lot of satisfaction from working together, growing together and achieving results.

Thank you Valerie & Steven for the interesting interview. We wish you a lot of success & enthusiasm as Spikees!


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