Security & Compliancy

From traditional access control to a zero trust policy

Work always reliably with the implementation of our zero trust cybersecurity solutions

Cybersecurity in times of home working

Traditional access control in which an entrance gate guaranteed the security of the company network was sufficient until recently. Because we now work from anywhere and working from home has become the standard, this security method is due for renewal.

With our zero trust approach, no one gets access to the information unless it has been explicitly verified. A user only gets the rights he or she needs at that moment, no more or less.

This approach is specific to the cloud in order to guarantee the maximum security without limiting the user in his or her productivity.

Spikes provides two key levels to implement this approach, always based on Microsoft technologies:

  • With the Zero Trust Baseline we provide a solid foundation based on best practices that protect your employees and partners sufficiently to be able to work in a modern way outside their traditional workplace.
  • The Zero Trust Advanced approach provides more advanced security and compliance scenarios on top of the basic set-up. Think of blueprints, policies, templates, etc. that can be set depending on your business needs.

The result: a fit-for-purpose secure and reliable work environment for your employees and partners.

Zero Trust Baseline

Security is, more than ever, a crucial part of your IT environment. Using the right tools and procedures, the Spikes experts build a reliable and safe digital work environment. This allows employees to work in new and flexible ways.

For the Zero Trust Baseline we start from our catalog of smart policies. These aim at providing the correct access controls to PCs, servers and mobile devices. In addition, do these policies protect the identity of the organization and its users.

Identity en EndPoint Management includes the following policies: identity management, data loss prevention, threat protection, device deployment, device management, Role based access, account review and monitoring.

To activate Zero Trust Baseline, we use our expertise in the following Microsoft products: Azure AD, Conditional Access, Intune, Edge, Microsoft 365, Windows 10, Azure App Proxy, Windows Defender, Azure Policy, Azure Blueprint, Azure ARM.

Zero Trust Advanced

Once the foundation has been laid with Zero Trust Baseline, we can help you provide specific security & compliance scenarios. To achieve this, we always start from predefined blueprints, templates, policies and scripts, focused on end-to-end information security.

The Zero Trust Advanced approach includes the following policies: Advanced Identity Management (bv. cross origin resource sharing), management “separations of duty”, manage “least privilege permissions”, data classification policies (GDPR, ISO 27001, …), DevSecOps, Advanced Treath Protection, Security Management (Monitor, Detect, Response),…

To further secure your organization in the above scenarios, we make use of the following Microsoft product: Azure AD, Azure Key Vault, Azure Policy, Azure Blueprint, Azure ARM, Azure Monitor, Cloud App Security, Azure Information Protection, Advanced Threat Protection, Sentinel, Azure Security Centre, etc.

Spikes innovative data platform for the healthcare sector

Spikes developed a solution for two needs identified by the Zorgbedrijf in Antwerp.

Does your digital security need an upgrade?

Working closely with Microsoft, we offer sponsored workshops which can help organizations identify potential issues in the security models used. Book a meeting with Marc and let us see if your organization qualifies.

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