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Give your employees, clients and partners the tools to improve the way they work together on a daily basis. This will boost their productivity, creativity and engagement!

Work anything, anywhere thanks to a modern workplace and infrastructure

These are special times. We have never been more digital than today. The cloud is a crucial factor in digital transformation. In addition, the people in and around your organization are the ones who are responsible for the change.

The most successful digital transformations are therefore those where:

  • Employees can apply the cloud in advantage of their end client. In other words: where the adoption of the new technology succeeded. We can support through our Customer Success Program.
  • There is act in a future-oriented manner by always being ahead technological, operational and financial. In this case, there is a good management and governance. With our managed services we help you ensure this every day.

Spikes provides two important building blocks to achieve this, based on standard Microsoft technologies:

  • Work delivers you the best practices for the technical set-up of Microsoft 365, Intune, and Microsoft Virtual Desktop.
  • Manage ensures the optimal management of Microsoft Azure services.

In this way, we bring your business application, data and services together, seamlessly and securely in a relevant and manageable framework which they can access from every device, on every moment, wherever you are.

The result: A modern workplace which is neadly embedded in a reliable and cost-efficient work environment. 

Work: Organizing the digital workplace

The speed at which today’s IT departments must innovate and change is faster than ever before. It is a great challenge to keep abreast of evolutions and innovations. In addition, ensuring that these new possibilities reach users in an efficient manner is a challenge in itself.

Windows 10, Microsoft 365 and Windows Virtual Desktop provide most modern solutions to help people daily collaborate in a modern way every day.

  • The Microsoft 365 platform is an environment in which all users are able to work safely anytime, anywhere. This platform is based on Windows 10, supplemented with Office 365 that allows you to use the most modern cloud-based solutions in an integrated and secure way. Applications such as Microsoft Teams (including audio and video) and Office Mobile boost the productivity of your employees.
  • With Windows Virtual Desktop can your employees  work safely in their familiar desktop environment from any device, anywhere.
  • To ensure that the implementation of your modern workplace is successful, you can count on our many years of expertise in Modern Deployment & Management. Whether it concerns providing Windows 10 on various mobile devices, or setting the correct policies, you can count on us.

Manage: Optimal management of Azure

The ever-increasing demands placed on IT to operate faster and at lower costs are leading many to the Public Cloud. The many possibilities of the Microsoft Cloud and a limited overview of it often lead to an unclear whole, a lot of unnecessary work and extra costs.

To avoid this, Spikes provides two levels within Manage. On the one hand to meet the basic conditions of a well-managed and secure Azure environment. On the other hand, we offer an Advanced version to provide organizations with specific management scenarios.

Manage Baseline

With the Manage Baseline, we take care of the management, backup and monitoring of your Azure environment based on best practices. This includes:

  • Azure Governance and Cost Control
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Azure Logging, Monitoring & Alerting

Manage Advanced

Depending on the management needs of your organization, we can help you with Manage Advanced. We offer this package on top of Manage Baseline to provide support in specific scenarios:

  • DevOps and Secure DevOps
  • Management of Hybrid environments
  • Sector-specific environments for notaries and law firms, amongst others
With our Manage solutions, we always start from existing blueprints, templates, policies and scripts that are process-oriented and accelerate your organization.
To provide a well-managed, cost-efficient Azure environment, we leverage our expertise in the following Microsoft products: Azure Resource Manager, Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, Azure Backup, Azure Arc, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Advisor, Azure Application Insights, Power BI, Azure Security Center, Azure Blueprints, and so on.
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