Insights & AI

Towards a data-driven organization

Turn existing data into useful, accessible insights which lead to smart decisions and actions.

Get more out of your data

Not knowing is expensive. Every company has blind spots. Unpredictable customer behavior, unexplained quality problems or unplanned machine downtime. You cannot solve what you do not know and therefore incur unnecessary costs. Knowing creates new opportunities. Using facts to make important decisions, to approach customers proactively or to offer new services. With the right insights, you as an organization can be prepared for the future in a rapidly changing world.

Word data-driven

With its subsidiary OQuila, Spikes helps customers to evolve towards a data-driven organization. Such an organization will convert data into insights, make these insights easily accessible and ultimately ensure they lead to smart decisions or smart actions.

The result: a digital feedback loop with the crucial building blocks within your organization:

  • Improvement of relationships with clients through better understanding of their behaviour
  • Optimization of production processes thanks to real-time monitoring of important parameters
  • Better support of employees by giving them access to the right insights which can help them make faster and better decisions
  • Accelerate production innovation through continuous insights

Order and insight into data

Many organizations today have masses of relevant data, but use only a fraction of it in their day-to-day operations. In other situations, certain useful data is not captured. In both cases, opportunities or money are likely to be missed.

OQuila offers solutions for these situations by cleverly dealing with available data and collecting extra data where necessary.

Do you get the necessary insights from your data?

Contact us so we can see together how we can take your organization and teams to a higher level in the field of digital digital collaboration.

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