Smarter collaboration with emails thanks to Yablo

Communication is very important to always offer customers the best service. Today, most of the communication is done via email. To ensure that no mail slips through the net, good follow-up and cooperation with the customer service or support team is essential.

Why Yablo?

  • Collaborate in a structured way with emails on the Kanbanbord
  • Automatic tags and categorized emails
  • Always stay informed, without being in CC
  • Easy management of multiple shared mailboxes
  • You give your personal productivity a boost!

Always informed, not in CC

Being up to date with email communications within your team is not an easy task. Emails end up in tons of overflowing personal and shared inboxes that act like silos. This makes it difficult to get a shared view of what is important and the progress being made.

With Yablo you can share simple emails from your personal mailbox with a team. You can also choose which email conversations you want to be kept informed of by “following” them.

Teamwork, also in your mailbox

Collaboration in shared mailboxes such as support@, sales@, info@, etc. does not always go smoothly. It is not always clear who is doing what or worse, some emails get lost and go unanswered, resulting in dissatisfied customers.

With Yablo you can assign clear owners to email conversations. That way, everyone in the team always knows who is responsible.

You can also add comments and have internal discussions about emails. These remain linked to the affected emails in Yablo, but are separated from the regular email conversations. In this way, internal discussions never end up in external communication.

Keep the control

121. That’s the number of emails an average office worker receives per day. No wonder you and your team often feel like you’re drowning in emails. But no longer: Yablo gives you back control over your own Outlook mailbox.

  • Set up email conversation reminders so you never forget to come back to a customer question. Or vice versa, use them to indicate when you still haven't received a response.
  • Certain emails require actions and focus time. Use Yablo to easily turn these emails into a task and link them to your favorite task management tool.
  • Pause your mailbox during focus time, so you can work undisturbed.