About us

We make people work together with a smile. We make them more successful in a measurable way, day after day.


People, teams and organizations

Pushing boundaries is a necessary condition for progress, something we help our customers, day-in-day-out. For us it’s not just about the technology. It’s about the people who use the technology.

Which is precisely why Spikes developed the unique Engage to Be Wise approach. We support organizations with strategic advice for innovation and make sure that productivity and collaboration are always at the core of everything.

Why do customers choose Spikes?

Our customers tell us that we give them peace of mind. Thanks to us they can concentrate on their core tasks. We think along with our client, so we design solutions in function of their objectives.

Our customers also love us because we are a niche player in terms of Microsoft 365. We use every available piece of technology to offer our customers a complete solution, including productive workplaces, artificial intelligence, dashboards, success management and more.


Our subsidiary companies

The subsidiaries of Spikes are specialized in products and services which require specific forms of cooperation.

Tasks in a Box focuses on cooperation while organizing consultations. Their aim is to obtain clear and decisive decision-making.

Kwiekzilver is a platform for home care where healthcare providers and those in need of care can connect. Here the focus lies on different people collaborating to help those in need in the most efficient way possible.

As an expert in IoT (Internet of Things), OQuila focuses on the link between people, teams and machines. With their insights they can improve the operational functioning of your organization.

A sample of our team

Our vision and approach tend to inspire our customers and our people. That’s why Spikes is always ready to help and constantly delivers fantastic results.

Marc Dries


Pieter Op De Beéck

Team Operations Lead (Office 365)

Jolien Van de Vliet

Business Innovation Consultant & Marketing Officer

Ben Van Mol

Solution Architect Technical Innovation

Rob Lempens

Team Operations Lead (Office 365)

Thomas Gielissen

Cloud Solution Developer

Githa Geysels

Office Manager

Rens Oosterbos

Business Innovation Consultant

Dirk Verhaeghe

Sales Manager

David Maes

Analyst Developer

Yves Lorphelin

Lead Developer

Tom Van Oosterwyck

Customer Growth Manager

Frederik De Naeyer

Business Unit Director Technical Innovation

Stijn Eyckmans

Business Unit Director Engage

"Let's discuss the future of your company sometime"

Marc Dries