Smart teamwork

Teamwork driven by innovation leads to more success

Let your organization work more productively every day by supporting the collaboration processes of your knowledge workers with smart platforms and innovative technology.

New ways of working together

Our mutual dependencies are constantly increasing and we are progressively evolving towards intensive partnerships with our customers, our suppliers and other stakeholders. In addition, we increasingly work in teams, whether or not virtually. This means that we need technology that supports these new ways of collaboration.

However, smarter collaboration is not just a technological challenge, but above all has an impact on people. That is why we initially advise not only on the technology, but also on the right steps to take as an organization.

We guide you with the set-up, design and implementation of the collaboration platforms in line with the organizational needs. We do this, whether or not in co-creation with your internal IT employees.

Essential in every change process is the support and guidance of the end users and administrators. Change management and adoption is part of every process. Making the effect of changes measurable and adjusting behavior where necessary is crucial to keep a permanent improvement cycle going.

Every organization can take steps towards smarter and more efficient collaboration, regardless of its current digital maturity. That is why Spikes has created a clear roadmap for different maturity levels and scenarios, based on best practices and years of experience. Each step in the digital transformation to smarter collaboration has clear objectives, and has been translated into a concrete scenario with small steps at a low and predictable cost.

Every step within the scenario offers a measurable benefit, so there is always a positive business case.

Governance & Monitoring

Efficient collaboration in a team requires a considerable degree of freedom and flexibility for end users, which is, however, in line with internal policies.

To support teamwork based on Office 365 & Teams in a controlled manner, a foundation is set up, tailored to your company-specific characteristics:

  • Governance and security, aligned with the desired risk levels;
  • Compliance in line with company or industry-specific regulations;
  • Solution design, to impose a uniformity in structure and at the same time to implement all governance, security and compliance rules correctly;
  • Life cycle management, supported by automated processes for ao. the application, creation and archiving of Microsoft Teams workstations;
  • Adoption, security & compliance monitoring, where we proactively support end users become more effective in collaborating with colleagues, customers and partners, in line with the agreed guidelines. This allows us to achieve continuous improvement in productivity.

Teamwork & Employee engagement

There are many forms of teamwork and communication within the organization. The needs of the different people in the organization are therefore diverse:

  • How can we organize our work more efficiently, with fewer journeys between branches, to customers or in commuter traffic?
  • How do we communicate much more efficiently, and how do we avoid unnecessary email traffic?
  • How can we make meeting more efficiently, in less time but more results?
  • Hoe brengen we de juiste informatie, tools en processen op het juiste moment tot bij de juiste personen?
  • How do we offer end users the self-service and personalization they expect?
  • How do we significantly increase personal and team productivity, and allow us to work (together) in a more focused and quality way?
  • How do we communicate in the most efficient way company-wide, with the right message to the right target audience?
  • How do we increase employee involvement in company policy?
  • How do we bring relevant knowledge together, and how do we make it shareable in each specific business context?

By responding specifically to your business needs, concrete steps are taken in increasing the maturity in digital collaboration.

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Smart Business Apps – Low code/ no code – Microsoft Power Platform

In a rapidly changing market, agility is a requirement: being able to respond quickly to challenges and anticipate opportunities, with short iterations, at low cost and with a predictable return.

Usually there is no lack of ideas about how business processes can be adapted to work more efficiently. However, your IT organization has its hands full with managing existing systems and insufficient attention can be given to innovation quickly. Expanding historical applications is also proving to be more time-consuming and expensive than desired, which in turn has a slowing effect.

The Microsoft Power Platform enables you to quickly and efficiently convert business requirements into working business applications, whether or not integrated with existing databases and systems. It is purely configuration based, without the need to code any software.

As a result, every business department positions itself in a leading and executive role, so that you are not dependent on the availability of IT.

The IT department retains a facilitating role, so it can keep an overview and monitor the necessary security, compliance and governance guidelines.

Business Innovation & Adoption

Business innovation has two parts for us.

  • How can we optimize existing processes in a smart and well thought-out way without affecting the core of the process. Or say optimizing in a lean and mean way with the smallest possible impact on the organization?
  • What solutions and technologies can help us implement these optimizations quickly and cheaply?

This approach contributes to the agility that is necessary in these rapidly changing business and technology times.

Towards a smarter workplace together with Spikes

Take the next step, use the experiences and lessons learned from other companies for you, and immerse yourself in what smarter collaboration can mean for your organization.

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