Artificial Intelligence

The way we collaborate is changing dramatically with the rise of artificial intelligence. Underlying technologies have the potential to profoundly transform organizations. To remain competitive, companies need to look at their processes differently.

From years of expertise in projects with Natural Language Processing, Spikes unlocks the potential of this technology according to your specific business processes. That way, we identify where AI can add value to your business and prepare your digital environment to deploy these innovative technologies in a sustainable way.


  • Multi-model: Vendor-independent choosing the right AI models for your cases (industry-specific)
  • Multi-modal: Leverage human multimodal interactions (voice, text, image, ...)
  • In-depth expertise in information management
  • Get started cost-effectively and with confidence thanks to the Spikes AI Quickstart Framework

within a long term vision

Getting your digital environment ready for AI adoption

Through the integrated expertise of Spikes, we ensure that the foundations of your organization (infra, security, data and integration) are fully prepared to get started with artificial intelligence.
The quality of the output of AI is directly related to the quality of the input. Together with your organization, Spikes examines which steps need to be taken to successfully adopt AI.

Advice and expertise according to your cases

We offer a wide range of services to support you with the adoption of AI in your unique business processes.

Vision, planning and analysis

Our experts help you identify the best opportunities to apply AI in a strategic and differentiated way. Consider natural, human multimodal interactions (voice, text and image) to unlock valuable, relevant data from both internal and external sources.

Advice on architecture

We advise you on the construction of your AI environment, keeping in mind quality, performance, running costs and laws and regulations (intellectual property, data protection).

Development and management of smart applications

We build smart applications that connect perfectly to your workflows. For this, we use the latest development tools such as CoPilot Studio, AI Studio, Visual Studio and Fabric.

Training and management of foundation models

Whether you choose public cloud services, private models, Large Language Models (LLMs) or smaller Specialised Language Models (SLMs), Spikes provides training and management of your foundation models.

Getting off to a smart start with the AI Quickstart Framework

The AI Quickstart Framework aims to help organizations identify the right cases, and test ideas in an accessible way. It includes several accelerators (Use Case Assessments, Roadmap, Pilot) that allow you to get started with artificial intelligence in an efficient and sustainable way.

Where does your organization stand today?

Contact our Business Development expert Pieter Vermeersch and discover the ways Spikes can unburden your organisation within a long term vision.

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