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Video: OQuila helps Alertis innovate thanks to IoT

Alertis – the former “Ardovlam” – specializes in technological security. For example, they supply fire detection, burglary detection, camera surveillance, access control, in short, all types of security for customers for which security is critical. To innovate, they rely on experience and solutions about Internet of Things van OQuila.

“Innovation is a hobby horse for us. It is important to innovate our internal processes, but also to offer our customers something that differentiates us from the competition.” – Guy Slagmulder, managing director Alertis

Realtime insights

Dries Debouvere, Trainer Innovations & Technical Product Specialist at Ardovlam: “Our customers have various systems which they want to monitor and follow up. To manage this smoothly, there was a need for a single uniform platform on where all systems are linked. So real-time information is available and future behavior – just think of a possible error message – can be predicted. Thanks to our Internet of Things solution, we can now offer this to our customers.

Added value for customers

Guy Slagmulder: “The Internet of things therefore offers many advantages for Alertis customers. We can make the information from our fire detection installations continuously available to those responsible at our customers, follow up the system much more efficiently and effectively from a distance, carry out preventive maintenance and significantly reduce the response time in the event of an emergency.”

To realize this, Alertis invoked OQuila. Guy Slagmulder: “We first conducted market research and invited a number of parties. We had the best feeling about OQuila because of their SME approach. The most important thing for our Internet of Things service is not the hardware component, but the solution we can provide to our customer. We felt that OQuila can best support us in this.”

Microsoft Azure

Dries Debouvere: “On a platform level, we chose Microsoft Azure for several reasons. In recent years, Microsoft Azure has invested up to five billion in their IoT platform. Microsoft Azure will not go bankrupt either, which offers security for us and our customers. Moreover, you can use various services on the Microsoft Azure platform, for example for development, testing, security, roll-out and management. This way you can put together a structured package that helps to develop your IoT platform.



Alertis is a market leader in the Belgian Fire Safety and Security market. They annually deploy more than 1,000 technological safety installations, and also have 5,700 installations under contract with specific SLAs and approximately 18,000 installations in various markets.


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