Adaptive Workplace

Employees demand flexibility in how and when they do their work, yet security must be maintained.

The adaptive workplace includes all the services & solutions that provide this flexibility while you as an organization maintain control and manage all devices, applications & security settings in an automated manner.


  • Seamless experience across devices
  • Always work safely with a zerotrust security policy
  • Always up-to-date and compliant
  • Save time and money with a standard setup

within a long term vision

Zerotrust Security

Working in the cloud has made collaboration much easier, rapidly breaking down information silos. At the same time, a more open environment requires security management.
We apply the zero-trust principle on 4 different axes: identities, information, applications & infrastructure and let the environment adapt by giving the right access to these resources at the right time. This is how we minimize security risks and maximize cloud value to collaborate smarter and more efficiently.

Our security baseline for M365 includes a standard approach to secure your workplace (guaranteeing secure score >70%), increase employee awareness and be prepared as an organization for potential incidents.

 Starting from a security assessment we develop a roadmap that forms the basis for a clear plan of action with the necessary priorities to bring security to a high and reliable level. Compliant with CIS benchmarks, and ready for the NIS2 standard.

Technology we use

  • Microsoft Defender
  • Microsoft Security Copilot
  • Defender Copilot | XDR AI

Technology we use

  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Entra

Endpoint Management

With Endpoint Management, organizations can protect and secure their resources and data even when users access information from different devices. It assures organizations that only authorized people and devices can access proprietary information and that device users can access work data from their phone, tablet or laptop at their leisure, knowing these devices meet the organization’s security requirements.
Our Endpoint management baseline includes a proven approach that supports your organization and employees with an efficient and secure workplace and optimal user experience. Starting from an assessment, we inventory your devices and move toward a phased rollout to ensure a fine user experience.

Application Management

As an organization, you want to ensure that users have access to the applications they need. This goal can be challenging because there is a wide range of device platforms and application types.
Employees also use a mix of corporate and personal devices, and all of this must remain secure. Application management addresses the challenge of automatically delivering the right applications to the right users at the right time.

Where does your organization stand today?

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