Innovative technology that makes your organization work together smarter and with drive and passion

 Spikes is your all-in-one technology partner for the Microsoft Cloud platform. Our in-depth expertise assures you of a thoughtful solution that provides lasting value for your employees and your organization.

Our solutions

Looking for support on cloud, security, data, modern workplace, collaboration tools or AI?

Spikes provides thoughtful solutions that fit your organization perfectly. We are here to help companies grow today and tomorrow with innovation and technolgy in a changing world.

Other solutions

Managed Services

Carefree management of your future-oriented IT environment

Expert Sourcing

Access to the right expertise at the right time

Where does your organization stand today?

Are you looking for a reliable partner to guide you through the Microsoft landscape? Do you need a professional partner that uses innovation to stimuate growth?

Rely on our extensive expertise in data, cloud, modern work and AI. We offer you a sold and safe foundation with succesfully proven solutions, and guide you to

The Spikes approach

A cloud-first approach with impact

Strong foundation

Build a reliable, cloud-first data and application landscape in which connected teams improve and digitize customer service.

Self-learning organization

Increase your company's innovation potential and support people and teams to work together with purpose.

Connected employees

Create a collaborative culture where people embrace change and are supported to experiment with technologies that contribute to the organization's objectives.