Connected Organization

Spikes provides services & solutions that focus on connecting employees with each other and with the organization and ensuring a good work-life balance.

Thus, we provide an answer to the challenges associated with remote and hybrid working.

With the right tools and a strategy that coordinates and connects the different data and applications, we improve the productivity of your employees, from any location or device.


  • Reach, connect and engage your employees more effectively
  • Align your employees with your strategy and business goals
  • Consistent monitoring
  • Increasing the employee experience leads to better business results

within a long term vision

Corporate Communication

Connect employees with your organization with a modern communication platform to share the company vision, results, background information, etc.
Corporate Communication focuses on setting up a communication platform and strategy in line with the corporate culture, making maximum use of the available tools. We help you reach and connect your permanent and temporary employees and partners.

Technology we use

  • Sharepoint Intranet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Search
  • VIVA Engage
  • VIVA Connections
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot

Technology we use

  • VIVA Goals
  • VIVA Engage
  • VIVA Connections

Resilient & agile organization

Being resilient and agile in a rapidly changing world is key to remaining innovative, relevant and successful as an organization. Strong organizational and HR foundations ensure that your organization and people successfully embrace new changes.

Is your organization change-ready?

We analyze your foundations and build a change readiness plan together so that changes in the future are sustainable. We help leaders effectively achieve their business goals. We coach them to transform their mission and strategy into focused and clear action and align their teams and employees to the business goals and right .

Employee Experience

Employees are a company’s most important asset. Hybrid and digital working has made it harder to really stay connected, know how they are really doing and keep them permanently motivated. Remote working, high workloads and non-stop connectivity can also lead to increased work stress, quiet quitting and burnout.
Our best practices and advice, from feedback and insights into work habits, help executives proactively monitor and improve employee engagement and productivity and take targeted action.
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Technology we use

  • VIVA Engage
  • VIVA Connections
  • VIVA Learning
  • VIVA Glint
  • VIVA Pulse

Where does your organization stand today?

Contact Sales Manager Dirk Verhaeghe and discover in which ways Spikes can unburden your organisation, within a long term vision.

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