Connected Customer

Connected Customer: technological innovation

Many companies feel the pressure of technological innovation. The world is changing, the market is changing and the mindset is changing. We no longer buy a CD. Now we have a subscription to streaming services. Services which are always working and available. A changing market and mindset are challenges that companies must respond to. By offering services with added value, they make this transition possible. And then these challenges become opportunities.

OQuila, a subsidiary of Spikes, builds IoT platforms which ensure that relevant properties of sold products are continuously monitored thanks to connected sensors and a central data platform.

Your organization can get started with these newly acquired insights. Launch new services, display meaningful alerts for your customer service or share valuable usage information with your R&D and Marketing colleagues. The possibilities of smart and targeted data are endless.

How we do this

Such a new strategy is radical. OQuila’s plan of action brings structure to this change. Based on the customer’s business case, we define the architecture of the target solution. This must take into account various complexities: current systems, number of customers, location of the customers, and type of products.

In addition, Azure’s IoT services such as IoT Edge, IoT Hub, Stream Analytics and Times Series Insight are the right technical building blocks of such an architecture.

After providing the technical basis, we build a first test setup; a Proof of Concept, often with one customer for a single product. With the insights from the test setup, we transform this into an operational solution by adding new functionalities or customers and integrating them with other systems.

Client case

OQuila helps Alertis to innovate thanks to IoT