Who is Spikes?

Spikes converts the collaboration culture within your organisation into a functional digital workplace..

Spikes vertaalt de samenwerkingscultuur

Companies are increasingly focussing on creating of highly interactive ways to collaborate. And that is what we strive for at Spikes! We create new digital collaboration cultures in which your employees can continue to learn, change themselves, and guide and control changes at your organisation.

Spikes converts the collaboration culture within an organisation into a functional digital workplace. Spikes helps with advice about, and the implementation of, sustainable innovative digital solutions that strengthen collaboration in a business ecosystem so IT, HR and business departments can collaborate better. Spikes is the knowledge expert in the identification, optimisation and digital translation of cultures of collaboration at an individual workplace where the employee enjoys working.

Our mission

We create new digital collaboration cultures to make your organisation more customer-oriented. We make people and teams stronger with culture, processes and technology.

In a world in which you encounter new challenges every day, in which customer expectations, processes, products and devices evolve constantly, only your employees can make the difference. In many cases a cultural change is required to make people aware of their role. And it also takes the right processes and digital resources to offer your employees the possibility to stand out.

IT technology, when introduced in the right way, enables you to help people and teams to work together in a modern and secure manner, to communicate better, to learn faster, to implement changes more smoothly, and to continually adapt to satisfy the expectations of your customers.

To you as a customer we are a partner you can trust and rely on to support you in the constant evolution that your organisation needs to digest in this continually changing world: from advice, to implementation, to management and supporting services.

To our employees we offer a working environment in which they can develop personally and make an active contribution to the evolution of our services and the satisfaction of our customers.

For our shareholders we monitor the growth, the profitability and the quality of our organisation to give them the highest possible value.


Our History

Spikes was founded in 2002 by Marc Dries following his observation and frustration with the fact that ERP systems supported the organisation insufficiently in various forms of collaboration. So right from the start the mission of Spikes was to help people to collaborate better with the right tools and the right processes. (‘The right culture’ was added recently.)

Our Values

In a fast-changing market we are susceptible to significant changes in the market, evolutions in technology and the requirements of our customers. We listen attentively to our customers to see the world from their position, and to allow us to proactively offer better solutions that are adapted to the their context and needs ….