Data Fundamentals

Accessible basis for your data landscape

Data is the new gold. This data must be easily accessible everywhere and provide insights. Unfortunately, this is not the case within many organizations. Large-scale, one-size-fits-all data platforms promise improvement, but are often only reserved for multinationals. With DataFundamentals, OQuila offers an accessible alternative for SMEs.

In an ever faster changing world, employees in the organization have to make all kinds of decisions every day. Data is invaluable in this process. It is the fuel for digital transformation. This large amount of data hides information about, for example, sales trends, customer preferences and market developments. Those insights are invaluable to the business and competitive assets.

Information silos

At the moment, however, employees often make those decisions based on a gut feeling. The reason? Every team and every discipline has its own IT systems, documents and spreadsheets and thus created its own information silos. As a result, the required information is often not immediately retrievable. Collecting the correct information from all data sources takes a lot of time, if at all possible. As a result, decisions are often made on the gut feeling. The potential of data therefore remains largely untapped.

Breaking down those information silos seems to be the right answer. Yet switching to a one-size-fits-all data platform is not realistic for many SMEs. It requires a lot of investment in time and money, and has a profound effect on the existing infrastructure.

The alternative

Fortunately, there is an alternative: OQuila DataFundamentals. This solution forms an intermediate layer between the various data sources and the end user. It collects all data from relevant systems, such as CRM, and ERP solutions, and then merges this data in a central data warehouse. End users are then presented with correct, up-to-date information via dashboards.

This allows them to make faster and better decisions, and saves a lot of time spent manually retrieving and combining information from a variety of sources. DataFundamentals thus ensures current insights, better decisions, satisfied employees and higher productivity.

DataFundamentals offers organizations a number of clear benefits:

  • Easy insight into all data. DataFundamentals combines data from the linked data sources and then processes it into clear and insightful information. Employees are presented with exactly the information they need, in the way that best suits their role.
  • Accessible. DataFundamentals acts as an intermediate layer, and not as a replacement for the individual data systems. This allows the existing infrastructure to be preserved. This makes the solution very low-threshold and accessible to SMEs. Moreover, you can start with a single data source and add more later.
  • Based on proven technology. The basis for the DataFundamentals data warehouse is Microsoft Azure. This is a powerful and secure platform based on proven technology. The equally respected Microsoft Power BI is responsible for the business analytics and graphical representation of the information.
  • Flexible. DataFundamentals can handle all kinds of data sources. If necessary, we can often develop links manually. We set up the graphical dashboards completely according to their wishes, so that employees have lightning-quick insight into the information that is important to them.
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