Engage Platform

Boost the productivity of your employees and teams

Our all-in-one solution for Microsoft 365 supports your organization in successfully managing the productivity and safety of your employees and teams.

Our all-in-one solution in Microsoft 365 supports your organization in a sucessful way of managing productivity and safety of your staff members and teams.


What are the most important benefits?

operating results

Productive and happy employees

More time and control for

The all-in-one platform

Spikes’ Engage Platform combines all pieces of technology necessary to let your employees work, together with Microsoft 365, successfully.

This way we offer you more control and insight.

It is an all-in-one platform for the management of the productive workplace (bytes) and the behavior (behavior) of your employees.


Increased productivity

  • Successful employees
  • More efficient teamwork
  • Less worries
  • More productivity
  • Better support
  • Ready for the future


More control

  • Satisfied end-user
  • More insight
  • Additional safety
  • Increased ROI
  • Less problems, faster solutions
  • More time, less costs

Important features:

Become more knowledged about how your end users experience your IT services. Egage them, know what keeps them awake and improve your services.

Our Adoption & Change Management platform offers you insights into the use of your applications. Thanks to user insights and adoption campaigns, do you gain more control and your employees are always to date with all changes.

Our success-management platform offers you all the tools you need to develop a long-term relationship with your employees. The tab “Customer Journeys” measures your success and hands you all the necessary tools to improve the overall satisfaction of your users.

Important features:

Get more control over the effective use of your licenses. Optimize your licenses and save money. Grant your employees more freedom with the use of them, but keep control by giving them access via predefined license pools. This allows you to automate your daily management tasks and save lots of time.

Provisioning & governance offers you a simple self-service platform for creating and managing workspaces (Sites, Teams and Groups) and managing access. Every user also gains more insights and control over their access and data.

Take control of your safety. Our platform provides you with tools to monitor your environment and validate whether policies are being followed correctly. Abnormal behavior will be detected quickly so you can take immidiate actions and avoid problems.

Become more knowledged about how your end-users experience your IT services. Egage them, know what keeps them awake and improve your services.

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Using the Engage Platform we measure the success of the applied changes and we provide you with the necessary insights on an organizational, team and individual level. Start today!


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