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3 critical considerations for building a remote workforce

Empower your workforce with Office 365

The nature of globalized business is more dependent than ever on a mobile population of digitally enabled workers who desire the freedom to balance in-office responsibilities with remote communication.

Approximately 520.000 Belgian employees (14.1% of the labor force) already work from home two or more days per week, and rank “flexibility” as a primary incentive when searching for a job.

Between homes, separate offices, and a litany of “third places,” a physical and philosophical migration of the workplace is underway. As a result, many employees work from a remote location, telecommute based on their role, or simply work from home a few days a week—testing the degree to which their jobs (that were traditionally conducted in a physical office space) can be performed from anywhere. These workers embody the strategic shift that many enterprises are preparing for via their investments in mobility.

Studies have found that through increased productivity, reduced facility costs, and lower employee turnover, employees in the U.S. who work remotely at least half of the time can save organizations thousands of euros per employee/per year.

One type of remote worker you might be familiar with is the “migrator.” Working remotely, usually from a different time zone, migrators need to coordinate with team members who work from company headquarters or in other locations. Thus, their primary needs include seamless communication and server access anytime, anywhere—all without compromising security.

This e-book explores critical moments that occur every day between the migrators at your business and their coworkers. In it, you will learn how Office 365 can transform the obstacles of separation into a set of best practices that save your business time and money while improving teamwork across—and reducing the downside of—physical distance.


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