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Mobile Workers are First-line Workers

Make your mobile workers more successful with Microsoft 365 and make sure they are well equipped to serve your customers

Most larger companies have an increasing number of Mobile Workers. Mobile Workers spend most of their time on the road and at the customer’s site. They come to the office only when that is really needed. With current technology, you can empower your Mobile Workers, make them more efficient in what they do, and increase their service level to the Customer. Mobile Workers typically work alone most of the time. But sometimes they have to get in touch with colleagues to complete their job.

Typical challenges for mobile workers are:
  • Planning/Re-planning
  • Remote access to the right information (without exactly knowing where it is)
  • Communication (audio and video) with back office workers and specialists in and outside of the company
  • Simple access/integration with Line-of Business applications like ERP and CRM (for customer information, equipment or product data, work order details, etc.)

“You already pay for the licenses. Now start using them to the full.”

You probably know Office 365 or Microsoft 365: you know the standard 365 functionalities like mail, calendar, document sites, etc. But Office 365 and Microsoft 365 offer a lot more to support your Mobile Workers. It is there for you to use. You already pay for the licenses. And Spikes can help you to make more and better use of it and to empower your Mobile Workers


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