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10 tips to make cyber security a top priority

In 27% of the cases of data leaks, is the cause inhouse, through negligence or mistakes of employees. This was shown in a study of Ponemon Institution, an independent research agency for data and information technology. As we mentioned earlier, the cyberattacks are becoming bigger and more complex. And 66% of the companies was already a victim. Make cybersecurity a top priority and invest in training. Make your staff members aware of the risks, educate them and create a vigilant culture. Give data leaks no change.
  1. Make cybersecurity a top priority. As for management and team. Invest in a good training on all levels and save a fortune on repair, lost data and loss of face.
  2. Make sure that new employee gets training from its first day.  
  3. Inform about legal obligations. Create guidelines for the use of personal devices, passwords, USB-Sticks and permissions for access to various datatypes.
  4. Teach colleagues what to do in case of the data leak.
  5. Use formal and informal ways to train: pop-up tests, a one-on-one training and e-learning or send a _fake_ email to measure how careful co-workers are. Collaborate and use their feedback on the trainings to improve. 
  6. Create written guidelines. Formulate them easy and understandable for everyone. Explain them all, make sure that everyone understands them, discuss the consequences and punishments for non-compliance. Let them sign a document where they acknowledge the security rules, procedures and policy. That they understand and will follow them.
  7. Be sure that the guidelines are always up to date with the legislation, similar for new risks of course. Get legal assistance and do not forget to inform your employees about the changes.
  8. Engage the information manager for staff trainings. Consult a lawyer for the legal obligations and get technical expertise on hand. Show during the training that management actively is involved and takes data security seriously.
  9. Trainas long as needed but have one formal training yearly. The goal is the find gaps in the security plans and to solve them. Some of the departments might need more trainings. Create objectives so you can measure the effectiveness of the trainings. 
  10. Keep on communicating through newsletters, emails and personal contact. This is essential to prevent phishing. That is when people are misled to pass on business sensitive information.

Do you want to get started? Or are you looking for some guidelines? Contact us and we can find a way together to help you. Security is a very important theme. Read also other tips, insides and tricks to solve security problems. Make from cybersecurity your top priority. 

Work collaboratively saver with a Secure Way of Working- approach 

By now is everyone familiar with ‘new working’, NWOW or the New Way of Working. It is time for the next step. Spikes introduces a SWOW; the Secure Way of Working, everyone in an organization seeks liberty, but wants consciously handle security of company information.  

Spikes built, the latest years, a lot of experience in the security field. So do we have an approach, with concrete worked out offers, together with Microsoft. The result: an approach where your organization can start immediately with a security program… Discover how your board members can create a safer collaboration, together. 

Read more about our security approach


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