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Application Modernization Solution Assessment

Migrate with confidence

Prepare to migrate your legacy applications to the cloud with the necessary insights into the business impact, expected costs and technological benefits of this modernization.

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What can you expect?


  • Analysis of the 'cloud readiness' of your existing applications
  • A technical roadmap tailored to the business needs of your organization
  • Detailed recommendations for Platform as a Service (Paas) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Gap analysis of your business needs and the technical possibilities
  • The translation of the business needs into an application modernization roadmap with clear priorities

What challenges are being addressed?

  • To what extent are your applications ready for the cloud?
  • What obstacles will your organization face for cloud migration?
  • Het meten van dMeasuring the quality, scalability and maintenance of your existing applications kwaliteit, schaalbaarheid en het onderhoud van jouw bestaande applicaties
  • A detailed cost analysis for running your applications in the cloud
  • The security and compliance requirements of your applications
  • Were best practices used in developing the applications?

Organizations have at least one application or part of their computing infrastructure in the cloud (IDG 2020 Cloud Computing Study).

We use a four-phase approach in the Application Modernization Assessment

Assess & Discover

Accurately collect data from your IT environment

Plan & Decide

Determine which changes have the highest priority


Develop a roadmap for your organization’s cloud journey


Find a partner to help you measure your progress