Building a plan that makes your organization successful, together

This step helps organizations to embrace techology and innovation. Once the company and its employees are convinced of the impact it will have, we start looking for concrete and simple technical projects, together. We make a distinction between the following workshops and trajectories:


Innovation Mission Statement

Together with the most important stakeholders, we define a clear Innovation Mission Statement. With this method do we also create “Awareness” for both management and employees.


Considering resistance

Deflecting resistance is an important condition for a successful innovation project.


Look outside

Make organizations familiar with the most relevant and innovative techniques (Data & AI, Blockchain, IoT) and turning them into concrete technical MVPs (minimum viable products).


Foundations of innovation

We let employees embrace innovation through workshops. These workshops are about: Running Lean, Domain Driven Design, Design Thinking, Value Prop Design and others.


Getting acquainted

Creating innovation platforms and introducing methods to fuse innovation into certain business processes such as: hackathons, bootcamps, Friday Pitchday and many more.


Innovation coaching

Coaching and supporting organizations and teams through the innovation process on a regular basis.

I’ll happily tell you how we can use innovative technology to smarten your organization

Frederik De Naeyer
Business Unit Director Technical Innovation