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Spikes en Lotus Bakeries kiezen Microsoft-technologie om SharePoint intranet te bouwen.

In overleg met Spikes koos Lotus Bakeries resoluut voor Microsoft-technologie om een 'next-generation' SharePoint intranet te […]

5 tinten mobiel grijs(*)

Mobiele devices zijn niet meer weg te denken uit ons privé-leven, en nemen ook in…

Technologie-adoptie: kies voor ‘The Small Picture’

Nieuwe technologie wordt onderbenut Het rendement van IT-investering kan omhoog: vele organisaties zoeken b.v. een…

Big Disaster for Enterprise Social Collaboration

 We will have to unlearn what we have learned over the past 33 (!) years….

Social Communication without Social Collaboration

Talk is cheap, right? (Even when it is written down in social conversations.) Wrong! Hierarchical…

Business Processes on the Road: Why you need Mobile Apps

Smart phones are spilling over into our professional life. In this blog post we explore some […]

Social is not optional but core

Notes to myself in search of a Social Enterprise Strategy. (Reflections on Marc Stone’s presentation…

Something about ‘Readers’ and ‘Writers’

Most Content Management environments in organizations are designed in a 1-dimensional way.

Document Management and Transactional Systems: 2 worlds apart?

Many organizations have implemented a Document Management Systems (DMS). What is your strategy to integrate document […]