Carglass® & Spikes boost work efficiency and communication with one central digital workplace with cloud-based platform.

Carglass® has already been the benchmark for vehicle glazing repairs in Belgium for many years, and since recently also for bodywork repairs. A team of 1,280 employees contributes to providing the biggest car damage specialist service each day ‘Making a difference by solving people’s problems with care’. But how do you ensure that all employees from different locations and at various service centres in Belgium are on the same wavelength – read ‘cooperating and communicating as efficiently as possible ’, the building blocks of the company? Carglass® sought and found the solution at Spikes.

The vision of Carglass® was ‘as clear as glass’ right from the start of the project. The company wanted a substantial increase in work efficiency and quality of communication. And this for all employees based on a central communication and collaboration platform. The mission for Spikes was threefold: the development of one digital workplace, the initiation of a culture of knowledge sharing to optimally utilise knowledge at Carglass®, and to increase the involvement of the employees, partly with the decentralised organisational structure. The vision and mission were translated into a sound plan for a future-proof intranet…


Driven by HR

“The licence for the old Carglass® Belux intranet lapsed on 31/08/2017”, explains Diebrecht Hellofs, Learning & Development Manager at Carglass®. “We then took the opportunity to go in search of a new partner. One of our IT managers knew Spikes, so contact quickly followed. Someone came along to give a presentation about Spike’s modus operandi and approach. We were immediately impressed and felt that their vision matched ours.”

The project was launched as an initiative of HR to also involve other departments by cross-pollination. Always in close collaboration with IT. Other systems at Carglass® using Microsoft Office meant it was a logical choice to switch to Office 365, SharePoint.

Sharepoint intranet platform

In phases to Hello Work 1.0

In so doing Spikes built the new intranet – Hello Work 1.0 – in Office 365. The employees were not yet really familiar with Office 365, so the project team decided to proceed in three phases:

  1. Getting acquainted with Office 365
  2. Immersion in the communication component of an intranet     
  3. Immersion in the collaboration component of an intranet 

With fast implementation in mind, a task force was set up beforehand with a number of key stakeholders. People from different departments and positions came together to examine the requirements at some 12 envision workshops. Under the guidance of Spikes, this requirement analysis was made real by means of a functional analysis, followed by the ultimate development of Hello Work, a test phase, training and implementation. This always took place with the agreed timing, scope and budget in mind.

“Spikes has always carefully watched our budget”, continues Diebrecht. “They joined with us in considering how we could ideally get going with standard solutions in SharePoint, without incurring additional costs.”


People & change team

Hello Work was a serious changeover for Carglass® employees. For example, logging in to Office 365, getting to know the new environment, the ins and outs of the intranet, the principle of communication and collaboration… not always simple matters. But fortunately there was support and motivation! A people & change team was put together right from the start of the project, the ambassadors of Hello Work.

Various communication and promotional actions were undertaken to familiarise colleagues and get them working effectively with the system. The ambassadors created a promotional clip, they created Sways (digital story-telling), they wore T-shirts and handed out stickers … talk about branding! The people & change team are still assisting with the changeover today, while ensuring that the new tool stays live. New employees are immediately encouraged to start working in Office 365.

“Every employee is a stakeholder in this project”


“Every employee is a stakeholder in this project”, says Diebrecht “The implementation by Spikes is of great importance to everyone considering we will be fully switching over to applications in the cloud in the future. It is also the intention that in the course of time all communication will be shared through the intranet, and we will exclude other channels to the extent possible. The messages on Hello Work are both ‘need- and nice-to-knows’. We want to start everyone’s day with Hello Work. It will then be used as the basic tool to further navigate to everyone’s required work tools.


The end result

Carglass® has only recently gone live, but they are already clearly noticing the benefits. The first steps to cooperating more efficiently and more effectively have been taken with Hello Work as a user-friendly collaboration tool. Advantages such as Yammer integration, communication and work applications in one location, the cloud that is accessible always and everywhere, the secure way of working, smooth information sharing, use on any device… they are all being appreciated.

Working in co-creation during the project has ensured that more involvement was created within the organisation. Also worthy of mention is the launch of Hello Work together with Yammer during the staff days. People could post nice things on Yammer and win a prize. The intranet could then immediately make a good impression!

“We must also not forget our highly motivated news editors”, says Diebrecht. “They wanted to get behind the whole Hello Work communication story and gave an enormous boost during the go-live. They got down to work from a non-technical perspective. That proved to be the perfect dual approach with the IT expertise of a company such as Spikes for successful implementation. The follow-up from Spikes was great, their approach open and honest. It is indeed the first time that we have been able to complete an IT project on time and within budget. A feather in Spikes’ cap. Mission completed. We still see possibilities for the future, certainly if custom work is needed.”

Continuing to invest in happy employees has in the meantime already helped Carglass® to be  chosen as ‘Best Workplaces’ five times. And that’s what they are all about.