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New partnership for Spikes with CoreView

Spikes will partner with CoreView to help businesses located in Belgium and the Benelux region achieve maximum value from their Office 365 investments.

New partnership for Spikes with CoreView

Belgian and Benelux Businesses Can Leverage Actionable Insights From Their Office 365 Environments to Reduce Costs, Improve Security, and Drive Adoption

Spikes will partner with CoreView, the only intelligent SaaS management platform (SMP) for Office 365, to help businesses located in Belgium and the Benelux region achieve maximum value from their Office 365 investments. Spikes joins CoreView’s international network of channel partners, resellers, and managed service providers (MSPs).

“Technology is a driving force in the changing world around us,” said Marc Dries, chief executive officer, Spikes. “Time has proven that companies that embrace innovative tools become more successful. With this promising partnership, we are able to better equip our customers to achieve their goals. We look forward to doing this, together with CoreView.”

CoreView’s flagship SMP for Office 365 has established itself as an essential element within businesses’ cloud and hybrid management strategies. The company’s platform provides user-friendly features that help businesses easily administer Office 365, identify security vulnerabilities and application misconfigurations, and drive adoption through automated campaigns that leverage Just-In-Time Learning (JITL) videos. In addition, CoreView includes workflow capabilities that automate repetitive, manual, and error-prone business processes, such as onboarding and offboarding employees.

“Spikes has demonstrated its commitment to helping people, teams, and organizations improve collaboration and productivity through innovative technology,” said Michael A. Morrison, chief executive officer, CoreView. “Our channel partners are key to extending CoreView’s reach worldwide and we are thrilled to welcome Spikes to our network. The organizations reputation as a forward-looking technology partner will help us reach European organizations committed to achieving maximum return on their investments in Office 365.”


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