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The foundations: The secure digital workplace for the modern employee

A variety of steps must be taken to implement the secure digital workplace. First of all, your organisation must have an overview of where it wants to get to, and this from an IT perspective and from an organisational and cultural perspective. Next it must achieve that objective step by step. Spikes supplies both the underlying architecture that forms the basis of developments in the coming years, and the detailing of the plans and clearly defined steps.


Cloud identity

One of the first steps that you must take when your organisation wants to put data or applications in the cloud, is to set up identity and access control in the cloud.

Spikes helps organisations to transfer identity and access control functions to the Microsoft cloud (Office 365 and Azure AD).


On the way to the Cloud, step by step

For many organisations, the digital transformation starts with the transfer of parts of their IT to the cloud. This usually concerns standard functions such as email and document storage. In doing this the IT department kills two birds with one stone: it can focus more on core issues, while the whole organisation becomes more flexible because mail and files become available from anywhere at any time.

Spikes helps IT organisations to transfer mail and documents to the cloud. Spikes is the largest service provider in Belgium in migrating mail and files to Office 365.


Office 365, every user’s trusted resources

With regard to resources, employees must be able to use their familiar Office tools to collaborate easily with each other: making arrangements, organising meetings, sharing documents, verbal and written communication, etc.

Spikes helps organisations to introduce a digital collaboration culture in which the new digital tools are optimally used to improve internal processes and serve the customer better.


Intelligent decisions

As for reporting, your organisation must have the means to monitor the progress of the improved collaboration and service to the customer, it must make connections that result in new insights, and must even be informed automatically of any anomalies.

Spikes provides ‘smart analytics’ solutions that use the wealth of data that your organisation accumulates unnoticed in its Office 365 environment to automatically obtain conclusions and even forecasts that help to improve internal operations and the service to its customers.


Competitive advantage

Standard solutions are not always sufficient. Sometimes an organisation requires solutions adapted to its needs, or solutions that offer an extra competition advantage.

When the standard functionality of Office 365 and Azure no longer suffices, Spikes offers services to develop bespoke software in line with the customer’s needs.