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The digital worker, ready for the digital transformation

In an increasingly digitalised world, it are people who make the difference. The digital transformation of your organisation is not possible if your employees do not evolve in the process. Digital labour is an important cornerstone of every digital strategy.

Spikes provides the digital resources with which employees are equipped to play an important part in the digital transformation of their organisation.


Bringing down walls for the digital workplace

Building a digital workplace also requires a (r)evolution in the IT department. To enable an employee to do his/her work from anywhere, with different devices and at any time whatsoever, your organisation must make an integrated platform available on which security, accessibility, applications, reporting, etc. all converge.

Spikes provides an integrated vision of collaboration platforms that is cloud-based and secure while including intelligent analytical functions.



IT and HR, the first has little effect without the second

In its ‘Future Business, Unleashing Your Talent’ study, IDC states that culture is one of the biggest stumbling blocks when implementing digital transformation. This is why HR and Change Management are important factors in the transformation. However: HR can feel insufficiently supported by IT, while IT believes that the investments in a new platform are insufficiently cost-effective.

Spikes responds to this mutual dependence with an approach and measurements to get more out of the investments made.