Is your organisation GDPReady?

A ready-made solution to as a CIO get your organisation ready for the complex GDPR regulation

25 May 2018 is the day! The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) then comes into force. It is a new and clear European framework that obliges companies to work on the protection of their personal information or data. 

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The term “GDPR” or “General Data Protection Regulation” has already been around for some time. We are being bombarded on all side by webinars, blogs, best practices and other tools that would make us a GDPR expert… Almost three quarters of CIOs also mention the GDPR as his or her greatest concern.  This is logical, because every organisation has person-related data on employees, customers and suppliers. A data leak not only causes reputational damage, it can also result in gigantic fines in the future.  The profusion of information also makes it difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. What advice should you follow, what are the myths? Many a CIO is therefore wrestling with how they can bring their information security in line. Where do we start? How do you now prepare for the GDPR, how can you make your organisation compliant with the regulation, what exactly does this entail, and in particular how can the Microsoft 365 tools support you here?  Although it is all pretty overwhelming for IT professionals at present, the complex GDPR requirements can also be real opportunity or lever to implement change and transformation at his or her organisation… Supported by a fitting strategy, processes and the right mindset, and with the GDPR as a catalyst for new investments and innovations.

Spikes has gained a lot of experience in the field of security in recent years. Our team has developed a ready-to-use solution by focusing on a number of scenarios of use that can apply in different processes, supported by the right Microsoft 365 tools. The result: an approach with which your organisation can also immediately start on a compliance pathway…


Start with a GDPR assessment 

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Protecting data at your organisation is of prime importance. There are indeed sky-high fines for non-compliance with this new regulation. So all the more reason to ensure that you and your organisation are ready with a clear action plan! But where do we start? What is your situation? Who are the key stakeholders? And what technology can support your/your processes?

Contact us for a clear assessment of your data management. Our objective is to provide innovative insight in the field of security management that covers all aspects of your information security and matches your organisation’s strategy. With a realistic roadmap and the right Microsoft 365 tools for your processes, you can also quickly get down to making your workplace a secure modern workplace.

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