Team Heroes

This one-day workshop helps teams work together more efficiently in Microsoft Office 365 to gain time up to one day a week.

What you can expect:

  • Workshop tailored to your team
  • Up to one day of productivity gains per week
  • Lots of tips, tricks and hacks for Office 365

About the workshop

In the ideal world, team members work together efficiently. Everyone knows perfectly how to communicate, meet smartly and make the right decisions. Unfortunately, we do not live in the perfect world and it is not always productive.

Employees and teams lose on average one day a week (!) In productivity due to inefficient use of technology in the workplace. This tailor-made workshop ensures that a team will work together more efficiently using Microsoft Office 365 and gain productivity up to one day a week.

For whom

Teams and colleagues who often work together, have a basic knowledge of Office 365 and, above all, want to work smarter.

Where and when ?

This workshop lasts one full day and can be booked at any time. The workshop takes place at the office or a location of your choice. The workshop is given by two Spikes Productivity Experts.


The workshop is given according to the Spikes ENGAGE methodology. Before the workshop a survey is done to map the current work situation. These results enable our Productivity Expert to tailor the workshop.

  • Envision
    We bring vision and show you all kinds of possibilities. “Changing your (team’s) mindset!”
  • Navigate
    Research into your typical working day and activities (= the “journey”)
  • Generate
    Optimization of the team’s journey
  • Adopt
    Roll up your sleeves, here you will get started with the use of improved techniques
  • Grow
    Here we go even deeper into the possibilities and functionalities
  • Enhance
    What’s next? We learn how you can do self-improvement as an individual and in a team


€ 2.495 (excl. btw)


One day


Time of your choice


Teams up to 12 people


At your office

Extra benefits

Eligible for VLAIO’s SME portfolio


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Gain up to one day of productivity per week

This one-day workshop helps teams work together more efficiently in Microsoft Office 365 to gain time up to one day a week.

Spikes vindt jouw privacy belangrijk. We gebruiken je gegevens zodoende enkel om je in te schrijven voor de workshop.