Be Wise

Work smarter, not harder

Be Wise offers organizations, teams and employees wisdom. In the changing world of today knowledge and knowledge workers are becoming more and more important. With our innovative solutions we allow these people to work together smartly and gain more knowhow.

A Smart organization in three steps

Smartening companies and organizations isn’t something which happens overnight, it takes an advanced course. In the first place we aim to inspire (Inspire). This way we can show businesses the need for innovation and map out a suitable trajectory together. We want to make the innovation concrete as soon as possible by adding technical skills (Boost). Finally we want to make sure that the innovations will be implemented correctly. To guarantee this we offer our clients sufficient coaching and aftercare (Commit).


Building a plan which improves your company’s success, together.

How? This step helps organizations to embrace technology and innovation. Once the company and its employees are convinced of the impact it will have, we go and look for concrete and simple technical projects, together. We make a distinction between the following workshops and trajectories:



Adding technical knowledge to strengthen your team

Depending on your needs, different ways of collaboration are possible such as, project service, team sourcing or expert sourcing.


Making sure innovation and technology are embraced by the whole team.

With Digital Readiness we help companies to implement existing solutions and prepare them for the next big innovation.

Digital Impact makes use of maturity models (for Data & AI, ECM, Collaboration, etc.) and maps out a roadmap which are tailored to your needs. Of course we will guide and coach you throughout the entire trajectory in an agile manner.


Useful technology

"I'll happily tell you how we can smarten your organisation by using innovative technology"

Frederik De Naeyer
Business Unit Director Technical Innovation

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